"Its a cracker" -PAUL SEILS JNR
"Loving it! This is what you were meant to do, never stop. It is delightful." JACQUI RAE 

"This whole CD!!! so fantastic."-KAYE TUCKERMAN 

"I am in awe of your material and vocals. When I start having dinner parties again, your album is the music I will have on. Track #2...Golden Guitar Winner!" -JAYNE AMBROSE 

"It’s a joyous and uplifting album..... 

That tenor guitar really comes to life in your hands." -DAVE WORTHY of Worthy Guitars 

"Angela, you have mined your soul to create This Scarlet Chamber. Raw and beautiful, it pulls us into your heart to discover twelve songs that tell our collective stories." -JACQ 

"Stunning voice, music with a difference, love the Celtic undertones and songs that tell a story. Everyday music in the house now." -JUDE HUDSON 

"It is so good to finally have a recording of 'Jacaranda Tree'! 

So haunting, beautiful and so Australian.I am also a big fan of Crossed Lines and Dark Eyes" -PAOLA 

"Your music is so truthful and so beautiful Ange, the world needs to hear it. -TRACEY TIGHE 

"Beautifully rendered. A vignette of journeys to dance the soul."-PHIL 

"This is the most listened to CD in my collection. The melodies,lyrics,mesmerising vocals or the brilliant production, it’s just a joy to listen to." -PETER van HERK 

“I listened to the whole album last night. Beautiful music and stories. Will definitely be spinning again. Congratulations Angela Toohey.” -NATHAN SEILER 

 “I LOVE this woman! My beautiful sister friend Angela Toohey. I remember the first night I met this amazing woman when she was singing live at a gig in West End, Brisbane. I stood in the doorway, waiting for a friend and I literally had goosebumps listening to her words, her voice, her magic. I couldn't take my eyes off Ange, and had to hold myself back from crying tears of joy as I listened to her sing and play her guitar. Ange sings from the heart. Its like my soul could feel her words and that I had known her forever. My favourite song off this album is "If you'd only let me".❤ After 20 years of marriage ended for me, I listened to this song which actually became my medicine to release the emotional pain I carried. I'm so grateful to you Ange. You are an amazing artist, performer, singer/songwriter, but most of all sister. Thank you for the music and your love always. Much love” -GUNDYARRI GIRL WISDOM WALKER 

"This Scarlet Chamber,That is my heart,It just doesn't beat right, When we're apart...." 

“This Scarlet Chamber, the new album by Angela Toohey is a breathtaking and heart-stopping musical expedition. The tender lyrics, accompanied by atmospheric finger-picking on several songs, are juxtaposed against the wild and rousing mood of songs that are more epic in scope. 

Angela is equally skilled at communicating with a stadium sized audience, as well as that of a more intimate venue. Through this album she traverses a vast emotional landscape and takes the listener on an magical journey. When she sings the lyrics of This Scarlet Chamber it feels like Angela is telling her story directly to the listener. 

This Scarlet Chamber is a collection of twelve songs that beautifully conjure life's struggles and triumphs. It grabs you from the first track and doesn't let you go.”-JACQ LOVE 

"Angela tells incredible stories through her lyrics and musicianship. Her talent lies in her ability to connect to the listener. Her songs are intimate, passionate and wild." -JACQ LOVE 

“If you need some incredible new music to listen to, please buy Angela Toohey's new CD This Scarlet Chamber. Damn it's good. Angela is simply incredible, and worth supporting. Check it out on her website - and buy it! Truly fantastic!”-KAYE TUCKERMAN 

 “Uplifting, heart breaking and glorious, Angela Toohey’s new collection of songs ‘This Scarlet Chamber’ reaches in and grabs you, I loved it.” -CAROLINE HAMMOND

"Angela's music is straight from the heart. Original and evocative...it's a really beautiful album to have! You won't be disappointed" -DARREN YAP

"There is a particular sagacious eloquence about Angela's work. This artist has a perspicacious mind and gives you something unique, you can only be the winner here. Can I narrow it down to the relaxing neofolk and mantra-like soft heartfelt themes that you don't find in many other artists? There really was something for every fussy part of my listening ear in this album, I tell you what I remember after listening, its honest music that is deceptively positive. At the end of the album I thought I would feel withdrawn, but it's actually nourishing and positive. Angie is in her element here, great soothing words with the acoustic ambience to match. Gospel like folk, really good balance of diversity in the songs. 
Listen to this and read the lyrics, you might find out that you're less alone then you realise. All credit to Angie, I hope she keeps making albums like this as its, I dare say, an honest work of art. Did I say soothing too? I also loved the howling." -ASHTWETH PALISE

"Gorgeous work Angela. It walked with me on a chilly walk this morning and warmed the cockles of my heart" -IAN DEARDEN

“I can’t stop listening to it.
What a musician, what a voice, what a human being! 
Thank you... a musical companion to walk with daily!”

"I listened the other day Angela and forgot to say what a masterpiece this album is-love the songwriting, vocals and arrangements-beautiful and powerful!"-PAULA HACKNEY

“I am totally in love with your album. So beautiful. Writing, singing, playing, production…just brilliant. And that vocal on the title track!!! Well done. Would love to see you playing LIVE sometime.Seriously,again, this album is just delicious.” – MICHAEL WATERS